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 APR as low as

 New Auto, 3 - 5 year  1.99% APR
 Used Auto, 3 - 5 year   2.24% APR
 Home Equity Line  2.24% APR
 Fixed Home Equity, 5 year  3.84% APR
 Fixed Home Equity, 7 year  4.34% APR
 Signature  8.89% APR
 Boat & RV  4.49% APR
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    Financial Statistics as of May 31, 2016



    VISA Check Card Daily Access Limits

    Don’t forget that your VISA Check Card and ATM card have daily withdrawal limits for cash and purchases.

    For most members the daily limits are $300 for cash ATM/point of sale cash back and $1,500 for purchases (credit or debit). Other members may qualify for higher limits.

    To request a temporary higher limit for a cash withdrawal or for a one-time purchase, or a permanent limit increase, please contact a Member Service Representative by telephone.


    Fast Personal Loans! 


    Need to pay for your vacation, payoff a high rate credit card, fix up your vehicle or perform home improvements?

    Personal loan rates are as low as 8.89% APR.

    Month of June: Get a $20 cash bonus with a loan of $5,000+. 

    • Take a loan of $5,000 or greater and get a $20 cash bonus (restrictions apply).
    • You may apply for a loan by telephone or online in less than 10 minutes.
    • Loans are typically approved on the spot or within an hour.
    • You may sign your loan documents using any device including your smart phone with our secure e-signature.
    • Our maximum loan is $20,000.
    APR = Annual Percentage Rate



    How To Find A No-Surcharge ATM!!*


    Tired of paying $2 to $5 when using a foreign ATM?

    Click here to find a surcharge-free ATM convenient to you!

    • There are nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATM's in the U.S.
    • Note: Royal Farms, Sheetz, WAWA and many 7-11 convenience stores offer no-surcharge ATM access.
    • Need to find an ATM that accepts deposits? Use the "advanced" version of the locator and check "take deposits" under "Filter Results."
    • 7-11 store ATM's typically only accept check deposits.

    * Surcharges are fees assessed by the ATM owner. A LMFCU fee is assessed if the member exceeds the number of free foreign withdrawals allowed per month.  


    VISA® Check Card: Select "Credit"

    Benefit from the following when you process your check card purchase as “credit”.

     - It’s easy to make purchases
    Just swipe your card and press credit and sign the receipt. You don’t have to remember to key in a PIN number.

    - It’s safer than debit
    Without entering your PIN for “credit” transactions, you can reduce the possibility of someone obtaining your PIN.

     - It saves the Credit Union money
    When credit purchases are made, thereby allowing us to keep account fees low.

    Questions about your Visa Check Card? Please contact a Member Service Representative.


    Protect Yourself While on Vacation

    • The last thing you need is for your vacation to be ruined because of credit card fraud or theft.
    • Notify your card issuers of your vacation plans. Include your travel dates, destination and contact info.
    • Keep a list of card issuers' fraud hotlines and your account numbers. Report the loss of your card immediately.
    • Have a backup option by taking at least two cards.
    • Use a secure Web connection or wireless network your password protected phone only to access online or mobile banking.
    • Beware of ATMs that are standalone or look unusual.


    Discounted Theme Park Tickets Available!

    Discounted tickets to Kings Dominion, Hershey Park, Six Flags America and Dutch Wonderland are now available.

    Savings are as much as $24 per ticket. Click here for current ticket pricing.


    April Youth Month Drawing Winners!

    Congratulations to Alyssa M. for coming closest to guessing the Coin Jar contents without going over. Alyssa wins the contents of the coin jar with a guess of $64.00, the actual amount in the coin jar was $68.50.

    Congratulations to Rory L. for winning the $25 gift card drawing for opening a new account.   


    The annual membership meeting was held on April 27th. The state of the Credit Union, updates from the Board of Directors, and reports from the President, Credit and Supervisory Committees were reviewed.
    Numerous drawings for prizes and gift certificates were held. Members asked questions, made comments and suggestions regarding the Credit Union.

    If you could not attend click here to review the 2015 annual report.



    Problem - I Can't Save Enough Money!

    Finding it difficult to save for a major expense, such as a down payment for a home or vehicle purchase, vacation, home improvements, school tuition, or another expense? Open a secondary share account so that you can separate your savings for a special purpose. You may have a specific amount of your payroll deduction or direct deposit allocated to your secondary account.



    Card Monitoring System  


    To speed up and improve our card security system, you may receive a call from our automated attendant asking to verify recent card transactions. Your caller ID will show as CU Card Security and the system introductory message is “This is the card member security department on behalf of LM Federal Credit Union calling for MEMBER’S NAME”.

    The system will state the last four digits of your card number and will then ask you to enter your date of birth, last four of your social security number, or your zip code to confirm your identity. Please respond to the call as the system is trying to confirm and prevent fraudulent card transactions.



    Mobile Banking Update!

    On Tuesday March 22nd a major update to our mobile banking app has been released.

    The update provides a more modern look and improves ease of use. The update includes more efficient workflows, has optimized the touchscreen and also adds the ability to sign on the mobile app with different logon ID’s (to access different account numbers).

    If your phone hasn’t automatically updated the Touch Banking mobile app please go into your phone to view your app update list and update "Touch Banking". 

    Haven’t signed up for mobile banking? If you haven't setup desktop online banking, first do so at Then go into the apple or google play store and download the “Touch Banking” app. To activate Touch Banking use the mobile app code, “lmfcumobile”. Lastly, you will be prompted for your log on ID, security code, and a security question (from your desktop banking setup).

    Click here for additional feature information. 



    Discount Maryland Zoo Tickets

    The Maryland Zoo is now open seven days a week from March thru December.

    We have discounted tickets available with savings up to $6 per ticket. Visit or call the office for pricing. Visit for additional zoo information.


    Share Loan Rate Reduced!

    The share/savings loan rate has been reduced to 3.05% annual percentage rate.
    Share loans are secured by your Credit Union share/savings account.

    Why take a share loan?

    • Forces you to replenish your savings as you never withdrew the funds
    • Low interest rate
    • Help to establish good credit history
    • No credit check performed
    Contact a Loan Specialist for details.



    Getting a Loan Without Visiting The Office!


    Apply online 24/7 or by telephone
    Loans are typically approved within 2-hours or by the next business morning.
    Agreements may be signed by secure e-signature using your PC, tablet, smart phone or other device.
    Funds are disbursed by Federal Express or electronic transfer.
    Home equity loans are settled at our office or at a location convenient to you.
    Questions? Click here or call 800-410-0501.



    Attention: Checking Account Upgrade
    To Card Overdraft Protection

    We have completed an upgrade to our Visa check card overdraft protection system that now provides real-time share/savings transfers to cover a checking account card transaction.

    Previously, share/savings overdraft protection was only enabled for ACH and check overdrafts. Card transactions that required a savings automatic overdraft protection transfer were denied.

    With the new upgrade, members who have elected share/savings overdraft protection will have transactions approved, subject to overdraft protection limitations.

    For example, if you have authorized savings overdraft protection and your checking balance is $0, when you attempt a $40 checking card purchase or withdrawal, the transaction will be approved and $43 will be transferred from savings to checking. A $3 convenience fee will be posted to checking.

    If you have any questions or would like to enable savings overdraft protection, please contact a Member Service Representative.



     Fraud Alert: Scammers Fake Social Security Email

    The subject line says “Get Protected,” and the email talks about new features from the Social Security Administration (SSA) that can help taxpayers monitor their credit reports, and know about unauthorized use of their Social Security number. It even cites the IRS and the official-sounding “S.A.F.E Act 2015.” It sounds real, but it’s all made-up.
    It’s a phishing email to get you to click on a scammer’s link. If you do, a scammer can install malware — like viruses and spyware — on your computer. Or, the link might send you to a spoof site — a lookalike website set up by a scammer to trick you into entering your personal information.
    Click here for additional scam alerts from the Federal Trade Commission.



     Getting a Tax Refund?


    Have your refund direct deposited to your Credit Union account. Our routing number is 252076390. You may have your refund deposited to savings or checking.

    LM Federal Credit Union members can prepare, print and e-file with TurboTax for a discounted fee. TurboTax also will file your simple federal return for free.



    Wine Country Gift Basket and
    Child's Toy Basket Drawing Winners!

    The winner of the Child's holiday basket is Lendelle S. His name was entered into the drawing when he was opened a new membership with a payroll deduction of at least $5.00 a week.  

    The winner of the Wine Country gift basket is Roberta T. Her name was entered into the drawing when she opened a holiday club account with a payroll deduction of $5.00 a week.



    Annual Johns Hopkins Children's Center Fund Raising

    We wanted to thank the many members who made a small donation to the Hopkins Children’s Center during our December donation drive.
    The total donation amount was $713.00, which included a match by the Credit Union. We encourage everyone to consider making a donation to this great organization.
    For additional information visit or call (410) 955-5000.



     Protect Yourself When Making Online Purchases

    • Never provide your social security #
    • Research the website before ordering
    • Only shop secure websites
    • Don’t give out too much information
    • Watch out for high shipping charges
    • Print and keep purchase receipts


     Consumer Reports Gives Credit Unions High Marks

    Credit unions earned some of the highest marks for service that Consumer Reports has ever given to an industry in its recent financial services series, “Bank & Credit Union Buying Guide.” The ratings are based on more than 74,000 bank and credit union ratings.

    “Credit unions are among the highest-rated services we’ve ever evaluated, with 93% of their customers highly satisfied, on average, vs. 69% for the four biggest national banks,” said Jeff Blyskal of Consumer Reports, in a statement. “That satisfaction is driven by good customer service, not surprising when you consider that credit unions are owned and managed by their members.”

    In addition to being highly ranked for service, Consumer Reports also recognized credit unions for low costs.



    Year-end Financial Checklist

    Total up your year-to-date spending. Whether you organize by computer or on paper, make sure your tracking system for spending, saving and investment is up to date.

    Check in with your financial planner or tax professional. See if they can review your numbers and make suggestions on year-end financial activities and plan changes you should make in 2016. Don't have a planner? The Credit Union's financial planner can help!

    Check and re-balance your investments. Be sure to check if your retirement and other investments are still on track with your investment goals.

    Check your various insurance coverage's. Review the adequacy and pricing of your coverage.

    Update your W-2, benefits and estate plan if necessary. See if your tax withholding and employee health coverage and investments need review.

    Do a last-minute tax review. Review your annual income, investment and spending data to see if there's anything you can do in the final weeks of the year to save on taxes.

    Save time and cut back on waste with online bill pay and deposits. Automatic online bill pay means you won't have to waste time writing checks or risk late payment fees.


    International Credit Union Week Drawing Winners

    Congratulations to Robert M. and Sarah C. for signing up for LM Federal Credit Union E-statements or Online banking during the week of International Credit Union Week. Members who signed up for online banking or E-statements during the week of October 12th - October 16th had their names put into a drawing for one of two $50 Visa Gift Cards.

    Congratulations to Ellen C. and Diane T. for answering the Credit Union difference questions during International Credit Union week! The Credit Union held various activities to celebrate the difference between Credit Unions and other financial institutions. All members who answered the Credit Union difference question correctly had their name entered into a drawing for one of two $50 Visa Gift cards!

    The Credit Union difference questions for International Credit Union Week 2015 were: 

    Who owns the Credit Union? Credit Union members

    People who belong to Credit Union are known as? Members

    The Mission of the Credit Union is? Financial self-help for members, help members save money, provide fast low rate loans, and the answer was all of the above

    LM Federal Credit Union's "profits" go to? Credit Union members in the form of better rates and lower fees

    If you had trouble answering any of the above questions visit please contact a Member Service Representative at 800-410-0501.



    Time To Buy a Vehicle?


    • New auto rates as low as 1.99% APR* (For 2014-2016 Models)
    • Used auto rates as low as 2.24% APR*
    • 100% financing is available*
    • Finance back through the 2002 model year*
    • Get pre-approved for your loan
    • Use Autodraft to create your loan at the dealer*
    • Extended warranties with no deductible!
    • Refinance, private party and lease buyout loans available
    • Click here for additional auto loan information 
            *Restrictions apply. Rates quoted assume a 5-year term. APR = Annual Percentage Rate 



    Need help finding your way on the road to financial fitness?

    Guidewell Financial Solutions, a non-profit agency, offers financial counseling services to all members of the community.

    Services are available nationwide online and by telephone. In-person counseling is available at branch locations in Maryland and Delaware.

    Services Provided:

    Formally known as Consumer Credit Counseling Service of MD & DE (CCCS)



    Online Banking Mobile App

    Don't forget that you can access your account from just about any smart phone or other device with the LMFCU mobile app.  The mobile app allows you to check balances, review account history, transfer funds and make loan payments 24 hours a day. Transactions are posted immediately to your account. There is no fee for online and mobile banking access.

    Don't have online banking access? Visit and select the online banking link in the right column.  Follow the steps to enroll for online banking and then click on the "Self Service" tab and select "Mobile Banking" within "Additional Services".

    Questions? Give us a call at 800-410-0501.



    Need Extra Cash? Skip Your Next Loan Payment!

    Announcing our new Skip-A-Loan Payment program!
    Take one month off and get the extra cash you need.
    Eligible loans include auto, truck, boat, RV, motorcycle and personal loans.
    Loan payments may be skipped every 12-months per loan.
    Call 800-410-0501 for further information or click here to apply.
    *Restrictions apply. Fee is refunded if request cannot be approved.


    Need a Fast Personal Loan?


    Need to pay for a vacation, payoff a high rate credit card, fix up your vehicle or perform home improvements?

    Our personal loan rates are as low as 8.89% Annual Percentage Rate. Our minimum loan is only $300. Our maximum loan is $20,000.

    You may apply for a loan in less than 10-minutes by telephone or online.

    Loans are reviewed within a few hours or by the next business morning.
    You may sign your loan documents using any device including a smart phone with a secure e-signature.

    To view additional personal loan program information click here.

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    Card Monitoring System Update

    Beginning Tuesday, March 31st, we are upgrading our Fraud Detection and Notification System. The new system will provide faster attention to notify our members when card based fraud is suspected. The notification portion of the system includes a state-of-the-art automated telephone assistant to help our members review transactions and confirm recent ATM card and Visa Check Card spending activity.

    Your phone caller ID will show the call originating from either “CU Security” or 877-276-3451. The system will begin the call by stating “Hello, this is Card Member Security on behalf of LM Federal Credit Union”.

    If you receive a notification call, please respond to answer questions regarding recent card activity. Please also be aware that our Card Member Security team that provides fraud alert management is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by telephone should you need assistance from a live agent.

    If suspicious transactions are identified as fraudulent, calls will be transferred to Card Member Security Team to help you take the necessary precautions to protect your cards and related accounts. If the recent card activity is legitimate, members will be able to close the case with the phone attendant using their touch-tone phone.

    Thank you for your support through this upgrade. If you have any questions please contact the Credit Union at 800-410-0501.


    Don’t Forget To Use Your Visa Check Card

    When using your LM Federal Visa Check Card for purchases
    use the “credit” option.
    Why you ask?
    • It’s easy to make purchases – just swipe your card and press credit and sign the receipt. You don’t have to remember to key in a PIN number. The amount will be automatically deducted from your checking account, plus every transaction will be detailed on your monthly statement.

    • It’s safer than debit – Without entering your PIN for “credit” transactions, you can reduce the possibility of someone obtaining your PIN

    • It saves the Credit Union money- when credit purchases are made, thereby allowing us to keep account fees low.

    Have an ATM card? Reduce your need for cash by using your ATM card to purchase goods or services at any merchant that accepts the Star ATM card. Your ATM card must be linked to a checking account.

    If you have questions or to apply for a card call LM Federal Credit Union (800) 410-0501 * (410) 687-5240 or click here for our Visa Check Card Application

    Protect Yourself When Making Online Purchases!


    NEVER PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER - As a general rule, it's never necessary to provide your SSN when making an online purchase.

    - Use only reputable sites you know or have found using a widely used search engine. If you don't know much about the merchant, check the Better Business Bureau website:

    - See if the site address begins with "https" where the "s" means the site is secure. Another website indicator; a closed lock located at the bottom of your screen.

    - When placing an order online, read the merchant's online privacy and security policies. Make sure you know where your personal information is going and opt out if possible.

    - Some merchants add on 10% to 15% of the product cost, which can make a great deal not so great.

    PRINT AND KEEP RECEIPTS - Keep receipts organized and easy to access in case a product problem should arise.

    Source: State of Michigan Attorney General's Office


    Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) Enhancement!


    GAP is the protection that we offer should your vehicle be declared a total loss due to an accident, damage or theft. If your vehicle insurance company pays you less than you owe on your loan, GAP will cover the difference owed. For example, if your insurance company pays $13,000 (after your deductible) and your loan balance is $15,500, GAP will cover the $2,500 difference owed on your loan.

    GAP PLUS is a new benefit of a $1,000 credit towards your next vehicle loan with LMFCU if financed within 90 days of the GAP claim settlement.

    GAP PLUS is available when your finance with LMFCU for only $329 for auto and truck purchases.
    Click here for additional information about LMFCU

      LM Federal's Financial Statistics as of May 31, 2016:


    Assets: $34,636,040

    Deposits: $31,924,721

    Loans: $24,527,931

    Reserves: $2,470,207

    Members: 3,250


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