Selected Loan Rates

 APR as
low as

 New Auto, 3 - 5 year  1.99% APR
 Used Auto, 3 - 5 year  2.24% APR
 Home Equity Line  1.99% APR
 Fixed Home Equity, 5 year  3.84% APR
 Fixed Home Equity, 7 year  4.34% APR
 Signature  8.89% APR
 Boat & RV  4.49% APR
APR=Annual Percentage Rate  
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Get $20 When You Open a LMFCU Membership! 

Open a New Holiday Club or Child's Account and be Entered in a Drawing!

Open a new Home Equity Line! Take Advantage Before Rates Go Up!

Enterprise Car Sales - Great Prices to Celebrate the Holiday Season



Open a New Holiday Club or Child's Account and be Entered in a Drawing!


Open a new child's account or holiday club account and you will be entered in a drawing. The holiday club drawing winner will receive a Wine Country snack filled gift basket. The child's account drawing winner will receive a giant teddy bear with lots of fun toys included.

Holiday Clubs 
Holiday clubs are special savings accounts that are used to save for holiday expenses. For example a $20 weekly payroll deposit over one year will provide over $1,000 in holiday funds! 

Children's Account
Start saving for your children’s future by opening a child’s membership. You may deposit to the account by payroll deduction, automatic account transfer or whenever you wish.

You may open a new account by telephone or by visiting the Credit Union office. Restrictions apply, Account must be opened by December 17th. 

* Club accounts have access restrictions. Visit for details. A minimum weekly deposit of $5 is required to be entered in the prize drawings. Accounts must be opened by December 17th. 



Get $20 When You Open a LMFCU Membership*



Are you a Lockheed Martin, MRAS or Maryland Air Guard Employee?

Haven't taken the time to open a Credit Union membership? Now's the time! 

New members have immediate access to all Credit Union services. 

  • Open a membership by telephone or visiting the Credit Union office
  • Arrange a weekly payroll deduction of $40 or greater (or equivalent)
    We can help you setup your payroll deduction online.
  • The $20 bonus will be paid once the first payroll deposit has posted
Offer expires November 30, 2015

BONUS - Open by December 9th and your name will be entered into a drawing for three chances to win 5 tickets to Dutch Wonderland. 

Questions? Call (800) 410-0501 or visit 

*Excludes family memberships, existing members or joint owners, minor accounts, business accounts and members who have closed their membership within 90-days of the membership re-opening. The reward will be deducted from the account if closed within 90 days of opening or if the minimum payroll deduction amount is not maintained for 90-days from account opening.


I Need To:
  • Reduce My Home Equity Loan Rate or Payment
  • Perform Home Improvements or Upgrades
  • Consolidate Bills or Lower My Payments

Open a new Home Equity Line! Take advantage before rates go up!!

Home Equity Lines:                                                     
Introductory rate of 1.99% APR*,                                 
no closing costs**, low minimum                              
monthly payments of only $5.80 per                          
$1,000 borrowed.                                                      

A line of credit is perfect for those who need          
continued access to funds for any purpose              
over an extended period of time. Ongoing                 
rates are as low as Prime minus 3/4%.                       
There are no application fees or closing
costs (subject to restrictions*). The ongoing
minimum rate is only 3.5% APR

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans:
Rates as low as

3.84% APR (5-Years)
4.34% APR (7-Years)
5.39% APR (10-years)
No closing costs**

There are no points or application fees.
Fixed Rate Home Equity loans are ideal for bill
consolidations,refinances, and home improvements.
The rate and payment never change. 

To qualify for the 1.99% introductory rate your home equity line of credit application must be received by 11/30/2015 and your line must be settled by 12/31/2015. 



 Click here to visit the Enterprise Car Sales website.



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