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President’s Message – March 15, 2017

The Service Difference Between a Bank and the Credit Union
I was speaking to a member today who banked with both the Credit Union and a large national bank. He indicated that he was not happy with that bank and was considering transferring all of his business to the Credit Union.

I asked why he was unhappy. His response? Poor customer service. When he visits his bank branch the wait time to see a teller or customer service representative is almost always a problem. Like all of us in today's world, we want to get in and out quickly if we visit any merchant or retail location.

The Credit Union difference is that our member service objective is to immediately help our members. If you call or visit our office we typically respond with little or no waiting time. We are not perfect, but we always will make the effort.

Why do we put more emphasis on member service? We are owned by our members! The banks are typically owned by stockholders, not the bank's customers.

Mark Bold
LMFCU President 

Credit Unions: Banking Without Bankers 

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